Fine Dining at home

The gourmet restaurant for your event

The gourmet restaurant for your private event – at home

We transform your home or business into a gourmet restaurant.
Would you like to offer yourself and your guests something very special, or should an important business meal be given an appropriate, special setting? Then the NEO Fine Dining Experience at home is just the right thing. We offer you the live cooking experience at home. You can look over the shoulder of our chef at work and ask questions about the menu. A wonderful, interactive atmosphere is created in which you and your guests are the focus.

The foundation of an unforgettable gastronomic evening are the products.

We only use the highest quality food and have of course included some gourmet products in our menus for you. Crustaceans, steaks, caviar and game fish of the highest quality are just some of them.


Our kitchen style

Our kitchens offer you an international flair. We create and serve creative dishes that find their place in upscale gastronomy and menus. Our aim is to offer you an unforgettable culinary evening with unique cuisine and many highlights.
All kinds of allergies and intolerances are of course taken into account.
Please let us know in advance.

The sequence

We will need a hob and an oven. We’ll bring everything else with us.
We do not offer glasses and drinks outside of the wine pairing.
We calculate the journey and an equipment fee per person.

The minimum turnover is €2,500.00 net

Our current menu. We change the menu every quarter.

Amuse Bouche
Jerusalem artichoke delicacies

1st gear
Scallop I elderflower I Thai pepper

2nd gear
White beets I goat cheese I apple

3rd gear
Crustacean Foam Soup | Beef tartare | imperial caviar,
pickled egg yolk | Lobster crème fraîche | Wagyu Flavor

4th gear
Turbot | Artichoke | mussels | Saffron

5th gear
saddle of venison | Date Labneh| Blackberries | Peanut Crumble | Chestnuts | parsley root

6th gear
Currant | Herbs | juniper

A sweet finish to the coffee
Blackberry Gugelhupf | Iced coffee praline | Chocolate covered grapefruit

5 course €110.00, accompanying wine €50 p.p.
Without scallops
6 course €130.00, accompanying wine €60 p.p.

We look forward to your inquiry!

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Manuel Hauck


“Kreativität, Spaß und Wille sind unsere Attribute zum Erfolg.”

Helena Richter

Leitung Catering & Events

“Sorgfältige Planung, Genauigkeit und Gewissenhaftigkeit machen Ihre Veranstaltung zu einem Erfolg.”

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