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Health Club by NEO is our concept for the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food. We offer you the opportunity to eat fresh and natural food all around. With our Health Club nutritional advice you can create the basis for productive work and a fit and healthy well-being. Our Health Club by NEO meals have been specially developed for a healthy, balanced diet. In order to make it easier for you to choose and eat healthily, we have listed all the dishes with their respective benefits so that you can see the their health advantages at a glance.

Healthy, culinary highlights, whether for the office or your event, to integrate healthy and wholesome food into your everyday life and work – that is our mission, our passion, our art.

We want to encourage and inspire a healthy lifestyle and set a good example with our always fresh and nutritious food. We do this with a wide range of bowls, salads, smoothies and hot and cold treats that are good for both body and soul. We combine our passion for health with pleasure, bringing together delicious meals, sustainable food and a balanced, conscious diet.

Whether with meat or without, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free or sugar-free, we have something for everyone.
For us, sustainability is much more than just a trend; thinking about our environment and about tomorrow is an integral part of our philosophy and our daily work.

Our Co-Founder and sports scientist and nutrition expert for the Health Club by NEO is Tobias Rosenthal.

Tobias Rosenthal

I studied sports science and business administration at the University of Hamburg, with a focus on nutritional science and athletics training. Since then I have been working as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

At the StageSchool Hamburg, Germany’s largest school for performing arts, I am a lecturer for training science and training therapy and take care of the fitness, health and nutrition of future musical performers. In addition, I have been working at the Hamburg Towers for 8 years and have helped many musical performers, professional athletes and models to achieve their goals within my network.

Through my many years of work as a model and my now almost 20 years as an active competitive athlete, I know only too well how important a balanced diet is for health and mental well-being and how difficult it can be to integrate these things successfully into a hectic and full everyday life. With my expertise and experience I can help you and your employees to successfully eat healthy and consciously.

We look forward to your inquiry!

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