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Healthy and vital employees are as much your goal as they are ours. We will show you and your employees how a healthy diet affects their lifestyle and performance. This is not only about prevention and precaution in general, it is about creating an awareness of nutrition and health.

In workshops we show you directly how healthy nutrition at the workplace can look like and be integrated into everyday life. Together we will work out which difficulties there are to eat optimally in a stressful office life, special attention will be paid to the topic of “eating and stress management”, and we will develop strategies to avoid the common nutrition traps. We help your employees to break old behaviour patterns and create new habits.

We also place special emphasis on the topics of “prevention of diet-related diseases and weight reduction”.

We are also happy to offer your employees one-on-one interviews and individual nutrition plans. We have developed our meals especially for the requirements of companies. With our Health Club Catering you can provide your employees with the best possible nutritional advice.

Special offers:

– Workshops: Occupational health, incl. show cooking and catering
– Continuous consultations incl. regular analyses and check-ups
– Canteen Check Up: Development of a new menu, design and improvement of the canteen

Workshops for sport clubs

As long-time competitive athletes, we know exactly what a huge importance an optimal nutrition has in the life of an athlete. Due to our own experience and the long-standing cooperation with various competitive athletes, we know how the best possible nutrition and the right timing of meals can increase the performance and regeneration of an athlete and reduce injuries and diseases.

Whether amateur, ambitious hobby athlete or competitive athlete, we help the team to get one step closer to the set goals with words and deeds. We supply your athletes with our catering with an optimal range of meals tailored to their individual needs.

Special offers:

– Optimal nutrition in sports (basics)- Optimal nutrition in amateur sports: how do I bring sports, nutrition and my job under one roof?
– Periodization: The right nutrition in training, pre-season preparation and competition
– Continuous consultations including regular analyses and check ups

Workshops for kindergartens, daycare centres & schools

A healthy diet begins in childhood, this is where the foundation for a healthy approach to the topic of nutrition is laid.

This is why we would like to help parents, daycare centres and schools to create the right eating habits and give tips on how to positively influence children’s eating behaviour from the very beginning.
We show how important the right food is for the mental and physical health of children, how deficiencies arise, how to prevent them and what is important for optimal nutrition. Benefit from our years of catering experience in the field of schools and day care.

Special offers:

– Lunchbox check: we look into the children’s lunchboxes together with them and give valuable and simple tips for optimisation
– Menu optimisation: we help them to create the best and most varied menu for a week or a month
– Shopping training: we go to the supermarket together with parents and teachers and make sure that they do the right shopping.

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