LIVE-Cooking Stations

from 50 Persons


Pasta from the parmesan loaf

with toppings of your choice (pesto, rocket, cherry tomatoes) + additional live flamed beef fillet.

Poké bowl with sashimi salmon from the ice block

Your choice of toppings: edamame, mango, avocado, wakame, pickled ginger, sesame.

Teriyaki sauce, sweet potato mayo (vegan)

Live sliced roast beef cooked pink and thinly sliced (cold) with roast potatoes and homemade remoulade.

Bild Block 2


Waffle on a stick
Choice of toppings: various sauces, crumbles, etc.

Misty Popcorn
served steaming cold with nitrogen

Nitrogen Ice Cream (Blueberry or Raspberry)
Choice of toppings: various sauces, crumbles, etc

We look forward to your inquiry!

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Helena Richter

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“Sorgfältige Planung, Genauigkeit und Gewissenhaftigkeit machen Ihre Veranstaltung zu einem Erfolg.”

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