Sustainability and environmental protection are matters close to our hearts

We take responsibility

Klimaneutral ButtonSustainability and environmental protection are matters close to our hearts and an integral part of our value system! We are ready to leave our comfort zone and take responsibility.
Responsibility for our planet!

There is still a lot to do, but as a company we take care of our environment:

• We use packaging materials made from renewable and recyclable raw materials such as palm leaves, wood or corn starch / PLA and glass instead of plastic.

• The use of regional and seasonal food from animal welfare is a matter of course for us (no meat from factory farming, no fish / seafood from aquaculture, no eggs from floor or cage farming).

• Whenever possible we use organically produced food. Expansion of the cooperation with regional partners e.g. from the old country, the Vier- und Marschlande.

• We do not use convenience products, flavor enhancers, artificial flavors or additives.

• We try to avoid storage times as much as possible.

• Since 2016 we have been a climate sponsor and can offer climate-neutral catering. Among other things, our CO2 footprint is permanently and sustainably reduced.

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