LUX Location & Studio

LUX offers a variety of uses with two locations that can be rented separately or together. Product presentations, film shoots, photo shoots, press events, fashion shows and much more will find the perfect setting with lots of light and clear shapes. LUX Location & Studio is also ideally suited as a showroom.
The location is located in the Hamburg district of Eppendorf. Not far away are the underground stations Kellinghusenstraße or Eppendorfer Baum.

LUX location

  • Size: approx. 200 square meters
  • Height: up to approx.5.5 m
  • with kitchenette
  • Preparation room / mask changing room

LUX Studio

  • Size: approx. 130 sqm
  • Height: up to approx.5.5 m
  • Preparation room / mask
  • can be completely darkened
  • white cassette wall
  • up to 300 people standing reception

We look forward to your inquiry!

Kieler Str. 430
22525 Hamburg
Hotline: 040 – 60 77 03 76 0
E-Mail: info[a]