Season menu


Finger food

Toasted bread with hummus and pumpkin seeds
and diced pumpkin (vegan) €2.90

Mini chicken burgers
with pumpkin and cranberries €3.70

Crêpes rolls with pastrami,
Pear and goat cheese €2.70

Sweet potato cube with feta and spinach €2.70

Mini quiche with pumpkin and leek €2.60

Fork food in a glass

Apple and fennel salad with goat cheese €4.10

winter potato salad with radicchio,
Bacon and hazelnuts €4.10

Mini crispy schnitzel
on pumpkin and apricot chutney €4.10

Pasta salad with chicken, apricots, ricotta
and roasted chestnuts €4.10

Hot meals

Rutabaga stew (vegan) €6.90

Chestnut cream soup with croutons
and cranberry sour cream €7.50

Veal medallions in cranberry cream sauce, with it
Pumpkin vegetables and hazelnut noodles €19.50

Spinach dumplings with mushroom cream
and grated Gruyère €13.50

Dessert in the glass

Almond cream with marinated peach
and almond crunch €3.90

Chocolate caramel trifle
with roasted peanuts €3.90

Speculatius tiramisu with cinnamon and plums €3.90

Valid from 09/18/2023 to 02/16/2024

The prices shown are net prices.

Minimum order quantity: 10 portions/ piece per dish


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